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Complete Hydraulics, Functionality, and Satisfaction - Discover the New Wood-Mizer LT20START Sawmill


Our mission was to craft a sawmill that combines hydraulics and functionality at an incredible price. We've achieved that goal with the LT20START. This sawmill combines advanced technology with practical solutions, delivering exceptional wood milling quality without a hefty investment!

Discover Wood-Mizer LX50START and LX50SUPER – the Best Price in Low-Budget Sawmills


Wood-Mizer has updated its LX50 series of sawmills, adapting its offerings to the current market conditions and customers’ growing expectations. Customers increasingly seek cost-effective products that deliver performance comparable to professional machines. A perfect example is the new versions of the LX50START and LX50SUPER ...

Wood-Mizer Introduces Versatile MS500 – Circular Table Saw with Panel Saw Features


In response to a growing demand in the industry for advanced carpentry tools, Wood-Mizer is expanding its Woodworking line with the highly functional MS500 table saw. A collaboration between Wood-Mizer engineers and experienced carpenters, the MS500 has been developed to match the everyday needs of small and medium woodworking shops to cut various types of MDF wood sheets and solid wood material.

Wood-Mizer MS750 Panel Saw for Professional Panel Sizing and Wood Cutting


Wood-Mizer is expanding its Woodworking range with an advanced panel saw for cutting various panels, wood sheets, and solid wood slabs. The MS750 features a robust cast-iron cutting unit, a scoring saw blade, and an aluminum sliding table. The machine has been developed for carpentry workshops and furniture manufacturers who search for more effective ways of precise sizing and cutting various wood materials.

Introducing the Wood-Mizer LT20WIDE Mobile Sawmill


Wood-Mizer adds the WIDE head option to the LT20 series, designed for custom sawmilling, small-to-medium timber businesses, and entrepreneurs. With the launch of the LT20WIDE sawmill Wood-Mizer completed the implementation of the WIDE option into the whole LT sawmill line, which includes LT15, LT20, LT40, and LT70 machines.



At LIGNA 2023 in Hannover, Germany, Wood-Mizer presented a host of new solutions and machines that enable its customers to be more competitive, meet new challenges, create various wood projects, and make money turning logs into finished products. The company remains true to its motto, “From Forest to Final Form.”

Wood-Mizer Presented Its Best Woodworking Machines and Solutions at LIGNA 2023


During Europe’s largest wood industry trade show, LIGNA, Wood-Mizer presented its full range of products for wood processing, including a famous line of woodworking machines and equipment for making finished wood products. Among the top-selling models, Wood-Mizer presented its newest machines and solutions for the woodworking industry – the MP280 planer/moulder and the MS750 panel saw.

Wood-Mizer Systems for Industrial Sawmilling Presented at LIGNA Show 2023


Wood-Mizer Systems sawmilling lines are a modern and comprehensive technological solution for enterprises wanting to increase efficiency and automate production processes. All the lines can be flexibly configured to meet customer needs, while the world-class technical service and support ensure trouble-free usage and maintenance.

The New Issue of Wood-Mizer NEWS Magazine is Now Online


This issue was released specially for the LIGNA 2023 show. Download the PDF file or browse through the magazine directly on our website. Articles are provided with links to video interviews with Wood-Mizer sawmill owners.

Introducing the Wood-Mizer Four-Sided MP280 Planer/Moulder


Wood-Mizer has expanded its Woodworking machines with the introduction of the new MP280 planer/moulder. The MP280 is a compact unit that combines the best features of the famous and proven MP360 and MP260 planers/moulders.

Wood-Mizer French Open Days 2023 in the Alps in L'Ablé/Malaussène


The meeting with customers and presenting the newest Wood-Mizer machines in the French town L'Ablé near Malaussène has been a great success! Between 29-30th March 2023, with the sunny weather, friendly atmosphere, and among sawmillers and woodworkers, the French representatives of Wood-Mizer demonstrated new products, including the LT20 WIDE Mobile sawmill and the LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile sawmill.

Wood-Mizer to Present Innovative Solutions in Sawmilling and Woodworking at LIGNA 2023


Wood-Mizer is gearing up to present its latest sawmills and woodworking machines at LIGNA to many customers, including large and medium sawmills, small businesses, farmers, artisans, and hobbyists.

Affordable Blade Maintenance with the BMST50 Blade Sharpener and Setter Combo Unit


By joining two blade-maintenance operations in one machine, Wood-Mizer has come forward with a smart solution for sawmillers who want to take care of their sawmill blades just by themselves. The BMST50 is a combo device that sharpens and sets efficiently and inexpensively. In addition, it is a space-saver in a workshop as it requires only a table or bench to work on!

Quality Management System with ISO 9001 at Wood-Mizer is already 20 years old!


Wood-Mizer is a modern company that continuously supplies customers worldwide with high-quality products and services. More than 20 years ago, we implemented our first Quality Management System for sawmill blade production and maintenance services.

Wood-Mizer Adds WIDE Option to Popular LT15CLASSIC Mobile Sawmill


The popular, versatile, and compact LT15 sawmill series expands with the introduction of the LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile, which combines the features of the mobile LT15 sawmill with a wider sawhead.

Wood-Mizer Introduces Entry-Level LX50START Sawmill for Sawing Logs to Timber Economically


Wood-Mizer expands the highly popular LX sawmill series with the compact and entry-level LX50START for those who mill logs occasionally in low volume. A simple design and proven engineering combined with the high-quality standards of a Wood-Mizer sawmill provide sawing precision and reliability at an economical price.

Wood-Mizer Products Help In Educating About Responsible Sawmilling


Wood-Mizer is a global manufacturer of sawmills and wood-processing machinery with a strong awareness of ecological and environmental issues. Sustainable and careful management of wood resources from forest to final form can contribute to preserving rich and thriving forests for the next generations.

Wood-Mizer Introduces MS300 Table Saw for High-Precision Woodworking


The MS300 table saw is a practical tool for woodworking in a small amateur workshop and a professional wood company. It's a compact and reliable machine manufactured from quality materials and equipped with a sliding table to increase cutting precision. With the MS300 table saw, you can make various wood products, such as interior finishing, furniture components, floor panels, boards, slats, and more.

Wood-Mizer Expands Product Range with Introduction of CNC Machines


Wood-Mizer has developed an advanced line of CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines to provide maximum performance, precision, and fully automatic processing of wood, plastic, composites, and light alloys.

Wood-Mizer Sawmills Salvage Urban Timber at COP26 in Glasgow 2021


For the past few decades people have been witnessing climate changes that seem to have a growing impact on their closest environment, households, as well as their health and lifestyle. Although the consequences of climate change are devastating, countries and organizations continue to unite their efforts for a better tomorrow. At the COP26 Climate Change Event, Wood-Mizer showcased its best sawmilling equipment and methods for converting logs into a valuable building material.

Wood-Mizer Introduces New G57 Gasoline Engine for LT70 and LT70WIDE mobile sawmills


Recently, Wood-Mizer updated its professional sawmill offering by replacing the diesel engines with new gasoline G57 engine to its LT70 and LT70WIDE sawmills. The gasoline engine G57 is an essential upgrade to the LT70 sawmill series ...

CookieMizer Clamping Jig – a Smart Attachment for Your Sawmill


Start making your own wood cookies safely and efficiently for walkway steps, small tabletops, and other decorative or practical items. Install a CookieMizer attachment on your portable sawmill, engage the blade, and saw short logs into valuable wood products!

Wood-Mizer Introduces MP220 Planer Moulder Ripsaw


Wood-Mizer introduces the MP220 Planer Moulder Rip Saw as a versatile three-in-one woodworking machine able to produce finished wood trim, flooring, dimensional lumber and more from rough sawn material.

Focus on Productivity: Wood-Mizer LT70 HEAVY DUTY Sawmilling Line


Wood-Mizer announces a new LIVE broadcast presenting one of the toughest machines for sawmilling from Wood-Mizer, the LT70 HEAVY DUTY, in cooperation with the edger EG300, loading ramps, and a sorting table. The online presentation is scheduled for June 10, 2021, and will also be available as a YouTube record.

Wood-Mizer Europe Expands Production and Office Building in Poland


Wood-Mizer Industries has recently opened for operation its expanded production and office hall in Poland, which had been in construction since July 2020. With 2,600 m2, the new building additionally expands the company's total floor area to an impressive 17,000 m2. The new hall workspace is designed for the departments of construction and engineering, research and development, prototypes and tooling, and the marketing team.

Wood-Mizer and MOReTENs Join Their Best to Advance Woodworking Machines


From a young boy's woodworking dream to the successful cooperation of two great woodworking equipment manufacturers. Bo Martensson, the founder of the Swedish MOReTENs, reflects on how to convert dreams into actions, wood into final products, and innovative designs into continuous growth and development. 

How to Improve Blade Performance? New Wood-Mizer LIVE Video Series.


Wood-Mizer invites to a series of LIVE presentations dedicated to BLADES, and more precisely, sharpening, setting, and selecting the blade type. During LIVE transmission, Wood-Mizer experts will discuss blade maintenance’s better practice, present the necessary service tools, and share some practical knowledge.

Wood-Mizer Introduces LX250 Wide Slab Sawmill


Wood-Mizer introduces the LX250 wide slab sawmill designed for sawyers and woodworkers that need to saw massive slabs and boards up to 138 cm wide.

Wood-Mizer Introduces SlabMizer Slab Flattener for Wide Material


With the growing demand for high-quality finished wood slabs in the woodworking industry, Wood-Mizer introduces the SlabMizer MB200 Slab Flattener that is ideal for sawmill owners, woodworkers, and professional workshops.

Wood-Mizer Announces the LT70 HEAVY DUTY Sawmill


Wood-Mizer has successfully combined the best features of two well-proven sawmills into one new product. The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill produces timber on an industrial level with the ease of a professional LT70 sawmill operation.

The Famous Wood-Mizer LT40 Sawmill – Now With an Optional WIDE Head


Wood-Mizer introduces a new wide sawmill head option for its world-known LT40 sawmill model. This option increases cutting capacity and it is useful for sawyers that require extra cutting width.

The World Renowned Wood-Mizer LT15 Sawmill is Now Mobile


Wood-Mizer presents a new version of the popular LT15 sawmill series that expands the scope of these machines, especially in custom sawing.

Wood-Mizer LIVE: the First Online Demonstration of Wood-Mizer's New Products, September 17, 2020


Wood-Mizer presents a series of LIVE demonstrations on Youtube and Facebook. Here you may see the first live demo from September 17 where Wood-Mizer presented their newest products.

Wood-Mizer Introduces a High Quality MP180 Multi-Planer


The compact and well-priced MP180 planer with 3-in-1 functions saves operational costs and time while producing furniture-grade timber, tongue and grove boards and mouldings.

StartCUT — A New Series of Wood-Mizer Bandsaw Blades


Wood-Mizer introduces a new series of carbon steel bandsaw blades that combine low price and mid-range performance. Currently StartCUT is the most affordable blade in the company's blade range.

Wood-Mizer Releases Two-Sided MP200 Planer/Moulder for Workshops


Wood-Mizer has released the MP200 planer/moulder, a two-sided machine to plane and mould timber on two sides in a single pass. This affordable and easy to use machine is designed for woodworkers who want to produce mouldings, flooring and other wood products quickly, affordably and efficiently.

MP160 Planer and Thicknesser from Wood-Mizer — a New 2-in-1 Machine for Furniture Makers and Workshops


Wood-Mizer introduces the compact and versatile MP160 Jointer Planer as an efficient two-in-one woodworking machine for small workshops. The MP160 joins the Wood-Mizer range of woodworking equipment that includes two-sided planer/moulders, four-sided planer/moulders, and slab flattening machines.

Wood-Mizer Introduces LT15CLASSIC WIDE Sawmill for Bigger Logs and Wider Boards


Wood-Mizer launches a new sawmill model capable of cutting logs up to 90cm diameter.

Wood-Mizer Introduces Compact, Economical LX50 Sawmill


“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing both entry-level and high-production sawmill operations with the highest-quality equipment on the market,” said Robert Baginski, Wood-Mizer Industries President. “The LX50 sawmill fits the needs of entry-level sawmillers and woodworkers who require accurate sawn lumber at an economical price point.”

Wood-Mizer Releases MF130 Multifunctional Vertical Spindle Moulder


The MF130 is the answer when you need more flexibility to produce many varieties of unique products in your workshop. Designed for ultimate versatility, you can use the MF130 for straight moulding, curved moulding, routering, tenoning and more!

Wood-Mizer Releases Heavy Duty EG800 Board Edger & Multirip


Wood-Mizer has released a new TITAN EG800 Manual Board Edger, a truly versatile machine designed to offer a twofold solution to small and medium-sized sawmills needing a more efficient processing.

New Laser Engraving and New Packaging for Wood-Mizer Blades


Wood-Mizer has completed the implementation of a new system of marking bandsaw blades in its production process. New technology is quicker, which will improve not only Wood-Mizer blades production process but also will enable customers to more easily identify their blades and specifications.

Wood-Mizer Crosscut Circular Blades


Wood-Mizer crosscut saw blades cut well wet and dry woods, softwoods and hardwoods, as well as tropical hardwoods and panels. Wood-Mizer’s line of circular blades covers any saw blade size and application required, and the product range is expanding all the time.

Wood-Mizer Multirip Circular Blades


Wood-Mizer’s selection of multirip saw blades for solid wood covers just about every sawing application - for wet or dry softwoods and hardwoods, as well as tropical hardwoods and panels. Wood-Mizer’s multirip blades are covered with anti-adhesive coating, which protects the blade against surface build up. Treated multirip blades deliver higher durability and have an antifriction coating that is dust and heat resistant.

High Capacity MP360 Planer/Moulder from Wood-Mizer


Wood-Mizer has released the MP360 four-sided planer/moulder — high-production, large capacity machine engineered for workshops. With a larger capacity and higher hourly production levels than the popular Wood-Mizer MP260 planer/moulder, the MP360 planes and moulds boards and beams on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of finished products.

Wood-Mizer Releases Affordable MP260 4-sided Planer/Moulder for Workshops


Wood-Mizer has released the MP260 four-sided planer/moulder - a versatile, compact machine engineered for professional woodworkers, carpenters, or joiners in the construction trade. Affordable and easy to use, the MP260 planes and moulds boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of professionally finished products including flooring, planed boards, crown moulding, cabinet trim, paneling, door and window frames, and furniture components.

LT15START is a New Name for the Smallest and Most Inexpensive Wood-Mizer Sawmill


Wood-Mizer stops the production of LT10 sawmill and instead of it adds LT15START sawmill to LT15 Series. The LT15START is the affordable sawmill with sturdy construction and simple features, which is ideal for straightforward timber processing. The LT15START cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter and 5.4 m long with the standard bed.

Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE Sawmill - Now with New WIDE Head


Wood-Mizer introduces new options for a WIDE head on the high production LT70 hydraulic sawmill.

Wood-Mizer Releases Vortex Sawdust-Removal Bandsaw Blade


Wood-Mizer, the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, introduces the groundbreaking Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw blade. Available now, Wood-Mizer’s new Vortex blade is engineered for customers who need boards as free from excess sawdust as possible.