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Wood-Mizer Crosscut Circular Blades

Wood-Mizer Crosscut Blades

Wood-Mizer’s line of circular blades covers any saw blade size and application required, and the product range is expanding all the time.

Wood-Mizer crosscut saw blades cut well wet and dry woods, softwoods and hardwoods, as well as tropical hardwoods and panels.

Wood-Mizer crosscut saw blades with small, medium and high number of teeth are designed for ripping, crosscutting and finishing crosscutting. They suit well for various types of machines – table saws, sizing saws, portable machines and special saws as well.

Wood-Mizer’s crosscut saw blades deliver higher durability and have an antifriction coating that is dust and heat resistant. Try out Wood-Mizer’s wood cutting blades!

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