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Wood-Mizer Systems for Industrial Sawmilling Presented at LIGNA Show 2023

Wood-Mizer Systems at LIGNA 2023

During the LIGNA Show, Wood-Mizer presented its best and most advanced Wood-Mizer Systems lines, including the one designed for processing large timber volumes based on the WB2000 industrial sawmill and the other developed for processing logs into pallet boards, built on the TVS-HD twin vertical saw. In addition, Wood-Mizer also showcased its most advanced heavy-duty solution for the sawmilling industry – the EA3000 Optimizing Edger.

Wood-Mizer Industrial Sawmilling Solutions are capturing the industry’s attention due to their affordable price and low cost of maintenance in comparison to similar solutions offered by competitors. Wood-Mizer’s customized sawmilling lines allow for a maximum yield from each log while producing as little waste as possible. With the design tailored to specific customer needs, sawmilling companies can reduce labor and simultaneously use automation and smart solutions to increase their productivity. 

Since its introduction in 2015, numerous sawmilling companies worldwide have installed the Wood-Mizer WB2000 industrial sawmill raising their productivity by two to threefold. The Wood-Mizer WB2000 industrial sawmill is a machine that combines the benefits of narrow and wide bandsaw blade technology – an efficient sawhead for high-performance cutting designed to work with 50-mm or 75-mm wide, or 100-mm Stellite wide sawmill blades, a massive bed with hydraulics for log handling, and plenty of features for easy operation. 



During LIGNA, the WB2000 industrial sawmill featured a new operator cabin to increase the safety and comfort of the operator. An insulated, spacious cabin provides a comfortable working environment and clear visibility for cutting. Easy operation of the sawmill from the cabin is possible with up to four video cameras monitoring the process and a 12-inch touch screen with two joysticks for activating the functions and controlling sawmilling parameters. 

The modern and heavy-duty design of the sawmill bed, with a logging capacity of 6 tons, is built on two robust C-shaped steel beams (400 x 110 mm). The bed has the most advanced hydraulic log-handling functions, including log clamps, chain turners, power rollers, side supports, and hold-down clamps. The log-handling components are modular and can be customized to meet individual business requirements.

The WB2000 industrial sawmill can be used as an efficient, standalone machine or as a part of an industrial sawmilling line for high-performance and automated large-volume timber production. Wide hydraulic configurations and sawmill bed extensions make it a universal machine for processing logs of various diameters, lengths, and densities.  

The WB2000 industrial sawmill with the log deck, sorting table, and the MR200 double-arbor multirip is a highly efficient sawmilling line designed for large sawmilling enterprises. The log deck for quick and safe log loading is configurable between 3,6 m and 6 m long and 2-3 transporting chains (also available in the Heavy-Duty version). Behind the sawmill is a modular sorting table for automated receiving of the material and directing it to further processing. Single modules (each 3 m long) can be joined in clusters and multiplied to build sorting pockets. A sawmilling line could also be extended with more machines and equipment, e.g., on the left and right sides, there might be installed slides or collecting pockets, board edgers, or multirips. A conveyor for collecting the material might also be installed, transporting the cants to the multirip and the woodchips to the chipper.   



The MR200 Double Arbor Multirip is the perfect industrial machine to add productivity to a sawmill and reduce the time and work needed to rip cants. It is a profitable investment in large production plants considering its reliability, accuracy, and versatility. Its compact and functional design includes a centralized control panel, variable feed speed (1,5-15 m/min), laser line and infeed assist roller, heavy-duty modular infeed and outfeed tables, 3 driven press rollers, and an optional built-in chipper. The MR200 works with up to 12 circular saws on each arbor, significantly speeding up the cutting process. It can saw timber up to 540 mm wide and 200 mm thick. 

At LIGNA, Wood-Mizer also presented the TVS-HD twin vertical saw with the incline log deck, material sorting equipment, and two industrial optimization machines – the HR500 horizontal resaw and the EG800 board edger. The line has been developed in response to the needs of pallet producers who search for higher timber yields, less technical maintenance, less energy consumption, and less labor input. 

The TVS-HD twin vertical saw is a cost-effective, versatile, high-performance industrial sawmilling solution built for reliability and durability. It comes with excellent technical support during and after the warranty period. The TVS-HD can efficiently remove both vertical sides of a log up to 450 mm in diameter and 5,2 m in length in one pass. With the twin cutting heads powered by two electric motors (18,5 kW each), the cutting operation is performed in just one pass. A centralized hydraulic system tensions both blades at once (50 mm or 32-38 mm wide, 4670 mm long). From the elevated stand with an ergonomic control panel, the operator can select the desired cutting size, as the machine automatically adjusts to that size without the need to sort the logs before sawing. 



The machine is set up with the incline loading deck transferring logs to the automated log turner. The log turner with hammer pneumatic rollers on the infeed side rotates and positions the material on a moving chain feed. Next, the log is guided by a system of pressure rollers giving it maximum stability while cutting. After the cut, the side discs of a slab removal system release slabs onto conveyors installed underneath.

Increasing pallet production efficiency requires optimizing certain sawmilling operations, such as cant ripping or board edging. Therefore the TVS-HD works best in a sawmilling system with the HR700 multi-head horizontal resaw and the EG800 industrial board edger.  

The HR700 multi-head horizontal resaw is designed for sawmilling companies that grow and expand rapidly. Its modular build allows for up to six heads to convert large cants into six boards and one slab in just one pass. The HR700 is available with the 2-head base in the basic configuration and can be extended with additional modules anytime. A single sawhead utilizes 32-38 mm wide and 4670 mm long blades and is driven by an 11, 15, or 18,5 kW electric motor, allowing for a 400 mm x 400 mm cant capacity. The HR700 also features a twin-track steel conveyor belt supporting full cant width, powered spike rollers for adding extra tension to moving cants, centralized blade tension and lubrication system for each 2-head module, and optional rollers for shorter cants. The control station can also have a multi-setwork and electric up/down system.



The Wood-Mizer EG800, an industrial manual board edger, is a versatile machine that joins the features of an edger and a multirip. Its primary function is to edge boards up to 50 mm thick at high speed, which complements the range of Industrial Resaws. It can run slower feed speeds to rip material up to 110 mm thick. The EG800 is available with the 30-55 kW motors that drive the standard four blades (max. diameter 400 mm) on a 60-mm shaft. With the additional set of spacers, it is possible to install multiple blades to achieve a variety of product sizes. Electronic variable feed speed controls between 0-50 m/min in a standalone mode or up to 130 m/min in a sawmilling processing line, and roller infeed/outfeed tables allow for safe and comfortable operation of the machine. The material enters through a 640 mm x 120 mm window with a protective curtain and is fed inside by four bottom rollers and two modular hold-down rollers. Optionally, the EG800 edger/multirip is available with an adjustable blade controlled from the setworks operator panel, four laser sights for easy board alignment, infeed/outfeed table extensions, and a sawdust belt conveyor.   

At a separate stand dedicated to industrial exhibitors, Wood-Mizer presented its newest, most high-tech solution for the sawmilling industry – the EA3000 Optimizing Edger for Wood-Mizer Systems. It uses advanced camera scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste in the edging process. All operations – from feeding the material to scanning, positioning, and sawing are done automatically. The EA3000 features a 2x 30 kW motor (optionally 2x 45 kW), which allows for efficient cutting of the material up to 550 mm wide and 100 mm thick. With the feed speed at 150-250 m/min, the production rate can reach up to 16 boards per minute. In the cutting process, the machine utilizes two centered blades with a diameter of 450 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. In standard configuration, the EA3000 has an electric servo-sizing system, automated board alignment, a stationary PLC control station, optical material scanner, and system-driven pneumatic hold-downs. Optionally, the edger can be equipped with a transverse board scanning system. 



All medium and large wood-processing companies are welcome to join the cooperation with Wood-Mizer Industrial Sawmilling Solutions. The Wood-Mizer engineering team is dedicated and ready to share the best of its knowledge and experience, helping your business to expand and prosper.