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Wood-Mizer Presented Its Best Woodworking Machines and Solutions at LIGNA 2023

Wood-Mizer Woodworking Machines at LIGNA 2023

During Europe’s largest wood industry trade show, LIGNA, Wood-Mizer presented its full range of products for wood processing, including a famous line of woodworking machines and equipment for making finished wood products. With 40 years of expertise in manufacturing premium sawmills, Wood-Mizer has been developing the Woodworking Series to validate its motto, From Forest to Final Form. Among the top-selling models, Wood-Mizer presented its newest machines and solutions for the woodworking industry – the MP280 planer/moulder and the MS750 panel saw.         

In Scandinavia, woodworking machines have been around since the early 1990s allowing carpenters, furniture makers, and hobbyists to make various finished wood products. Invented by Bo Martensson, the founder of MOReTENs, woodworking machines, and equipment have won wide recognition and popularity among professionals and amateurs who look for versatility, precision, and durability at an affordable price. Since 2017, Wood-Mizer has been the developer of a compact and lightweight range of woodworking machines being distributed, the provider of knowledge in machine design and manufacturing, and an experienced network of dealers and distributors operating nearly in every corner of the world. 

Woodworking machines are designed to quickly and efficiently manufacture finished wood products such as floorboards, elevation panels and sidings, door and window frames, slats and quarter rounds, and many more. They are the perfect tool for every woodworker, from a beginner just learning to large enterprises searching for more efficient ways of manufacturing.   



The range of Woodworking machines showcased at LIGNA included the 4-sided MP360 planer/moulder and MP280 planer/moulder (new product), the 2-sided MP200 planer/moulder, the MP220 planer/moulder/ripsaw, the MP160 thicknesser, the MP180 multi-planer, and the MS750 panel saw (new product). Apart from the mentioned woodworking units, Wood-Mizer presented a new MES Dust Collection System line for the efficient removal of sawdust and debris in the workshop. The offer includes all necessary tools and accessory equipment from the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalog, such as straight, profile, and spiral moulding knives, vertical and horizontal cutting heads, circular saw blades, drill bits, etc.      

All woodworking machines share some common characteristics:

  • 4-sided planers/moulders have a top, bottom, right, and left cutting heads, allowing for moulding the board on all sides at just one pass of the material through the machine. A separate motor drives each cutting head to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Profile knives are replaced on the cutting heads quickly and intuitively. There are numerous shapes and profiles available in the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalog.
  • Cast-iron worktables provide a stable and precise environment for woodworking while eliminating vibration and deformation from the process. Only cast iron can guarantee increased durability, reliability, and resistance to wear and tear. Both in-feed and out-feed tables are made of high-quality steel to ensure the comfortable feeding of the material. 
  • Operating a planer/moulder is ergonomic, with an easy-to-reach control panel including separate switches for engaging each cutter head. Cutting parameters (width, height) can be conveniently adjusted through simple, reliable solutions (crank handles, levers).    
  • The compact and lightweight design with caster wheels allows easy transportation around the workshop. Moreover, all woodworking machines have dust extraction ports for efficient sawdust and wood chip removal.  
  • The entire Woodworking line is manufactured in the European Union, using raw materials sourced from renowned suppliers and the best available manufacturing technology. Wood-Mizer provides a 2-year warranty and premium aftersale customer service support for all Woodworking machines. 



During the LIGNA Trade Show, Wood-Mizer presented some new woodworking units - the MP280 planer/moulder, and the MS750 panel saw.

Wood-Mizer has developed the second generation of a planer/moulder based on the proven MP260 unit, which has become a hot seller worldwide to meet the constantly growing expectations of woodworkers. Its successor, the MP280 planer/moulder, is a functional and versatile woodworking unit with some technical solutions from the flagship MP360 planer/moulder.  

The MS750 panel saw features a robust cast-iron cutting unit, a scoring saw blade, and a precise aluminum sliding table. The machine has been developed for carpentry workshops and furniture manufacturers who search for more effective ways of precise sizing and who cut various wood materials. The MS750 panel saw also premiered at LIGNA, equipped for cutting different boards, wood sheets, and solid wood slabs.   

At LIGNA 2023, Wood-Mizer demonstrated its commitment to helping its customers grow their woodworking projects, businesses, and creative plans with wood. Developing and producing compact, multifunctional, and affordable woodworking machines capable of producing high-quality finished products from wood further reveals the meaning of the Wood-Mizer slogan - From Forest to Final Form.