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Wood-Mizer Releases Vortex Sawdust-Removal Bandsaw Blade

Vortex Sawdust-Removal Bandsaw Blade


Wood-Mizer, the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, introduces the groundbreaking Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw blade. Available now, Wood-Mizer’s new Vortex blade is engineered for customers who need boards as free from excess sawdust as possible.

The Vortex blade removes dust while sawing in order to minimize or eliminate the need for sawdust removal after the lumber is processed. This extremely unique blade profile has generated positive results in high-production pallet factory tests and normal sawing conditions.

The Vortex blade results in cleaner boards and cleaner board edges. As well, the Vortex blade has resulted in smoother and easier cutting of softwoods and hardwood such as spruce, oak and ash that other blades struggled to cut.


Wood-Mizer Vortex dust-removal blade


Pallet producer, Jeff Coomer of USA-based Coomer & Sons Sawmill, tested the blade and says, “The Vortex blade was getting 98 to 99% of the dust off, so it was impressive on how much dust it took off compared to a typical saw blade.”

Additionally, Paul Smith of Smith Sawmill Service says, “The new Vortex blade does a great job of getting the sawdust off the wood. It’s going to be an asset for companies.”

The Wood-Mizer Vortex profile is now available to order in various lengths.

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