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“Wood-Mizer News” Magazine

Stay up-to-date with the latest news on sawmilling and woodworking technology!

Here you can download or browse the Wood-Mizer online magazine, which features articles on modern sawmills, fresh business ideas, new market niches, company innovations, and recommendations from Wood-Mizer experts.

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  • NEW PRODUCTS. A detailed overview of the latest equipment and tools that Wood-Mizer is launching to the market.
  • EXPERT ADVICE. Information on sawmill setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and business advice.
  • CUSTOMER STORIES. Stories about the Wood-Mizer sawmills application around the world.
  • INSPIRING BUSINESS IDEAS AND PROJECTS IN WOODWORKING. Articles that inspire and help you discover new market niches.
  • EQUIPMENT REVIEWS. Comparison of functions and technical characteristics of machines and tools - helps to make the right choice.
  • COMPANY NEWS. Events, exhibitions, online LIVE broadcasts, webinars, customer days.
  • PROMOTIONS. Discounts, bonuses, gifts, the opportunity to make a profitable investment and start saving from the first minute.

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