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Wood-Mizer Introduces LT15CLASSIC WIDE Sawmill for Bigger Logs and Wider Boards

Wood-Mizer LT15CLASSIC WIDE sawmill

With the release of a new Wood-Mizer LT15CLASSIC WIDE sawmill, customers now have the ability to cut logs up to 90cm diameter and produce boards up to 83cm wide with a simple, robust, and affordable sawmill. The cutting length of the LT15CLASSIC WIDE model is adjusted to the required size by the addition of modular bed sections.

"Since its release in 1997, the LT15 model sawmill is one of Wood-Mizer’s bestsellers everywhere in the world,” says Krzysztof Kropidlowski, Commercial Director of Wood-Mizer Industries, Poland. “We found that a significant number of LT15 sawmill owners meet a task to cut bigger logs. With the new LT15CLASSIC WIDE sawmill, they can cut larger logs much easier and on a regular basis".

The big logs often appear as the wastes of urban tree service. On many markets such wood costs less, because not every sawmill can process it. Moreover, sometimes the timber made from big logs has unique woody drawing that makes it attractive for carpentry and table top production. All these reasons generate different ways how to benefit from big log sawmilling with the help of LT15CLASSIC WIDE.

"The LT15CLASSIC WIDE has been very successful in the USA, Africa, and Asia, so we believe it is also a great addition to the European product range. All features and options of the LT15 are available for the LT15CLASSIC WIDE," says Mr. Kropidlowski.

The first presentation of the LT15CLASSIC WIDE sawmill in Europe was made at LIGNA 2019 in Germany where the new sawmill was met with a lot of interest. Contact your local representative for more information.


Max. log capacity:
90cm diameter
x 5,2m (2 segment 2,7m each)
x 5,4m (3 segments 1,95m each)

Max width of cut 90cm
Max cant width 83cm

Motor selection:
11 kW Electric
25HP Petrol
19HP Petrol

Call your local Wood-Mizer representative to learn more about the LT15CLASSIC WIDE sawmills. Visit our e-store to buy sawmills online.