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Wood-Mizer Introduces MS300 Table Saw for High-Precision Woodworking

Wood-Mizer Introduces MS300 Table Saw for High-Precision Woodworking


The MS300 table saw is a practical tool for woodworking in a small amateur workshop and a professional wood company. It's a compact and reliable machine manufactured from quality materials and equipped with a sliding table to increase cutting precision. With the MS300 table saw, you can make various wood products, such as interior finishing, furniture components, floor panels, boards, slats, and more.

The MS300 features a cast iron work table and an expansive sliding feed table for cutting with high precision and consistency. A solid cast iron base ensures the stability and damping of vibration. The sliding table runs on steel ball bearings for smooth and easy material feeding. You can easily adjust the height and angle of the blade.



The MS300 can cut wooden elements at an angle of 90 degrees and a maximum height of 100 mm. At 45 degrees, the maximum material thickness decreases to 65 mm.

To expand the material’s work surface, you can enlarge the sliding table by a side shelf 500 mm x 360 mm, and make the work table longer by 520 mm. Additionally, the MS300 can be equipped with another worktable extension of 900 mm x 440 mm, which helps cut larger materials.

The table saw has two guide bars for comfortable material handling while cutting. A parallel board fence with a micro-adjustment knob is for precise measurements up to 0,1 mm, and a perpendicular sliding fence is for adjusting the sawing angle on both sides of the table. A SUVA blade guard that can be moved for adjustment up/down and sideways guarantees the operator's safety while cutting.



The table saw features a standard 3 kW electric motor and a circular saw blade of 315 mm diameter. We recommend using the Wood-Mizer saw blades which you can select from the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalog, according to the specification of the processed material. With the rotation speed of the saw blade at 4500 rpm, the surface finish of the final product is smooth and esthetic.

The MS300 has two sawdust collection ports – the first one with 100 mm diameter and the other one, under the SUVA blade guard, with 50 mm diameter. The collection ports for extracting sawdust allow for keeping the workplace clean. We recommend using the Wood-Mizer extraction systems to make the sawdust extraction as efficient as possible.

One of the most useful accessories for the MS300 is a clamp to block and release the material quickly towards the sliding table to prevent material from accidentally moving.



Main features:

1. The sawing angle can be adjusted between 0-45 degrees
2. Parallel guide bar adjustable with the precision of 0,1 mm
3. Perpendicular guide bar with angle adjustment, which can be installed on both sides of the table
4. Blade guard SUVA for the circular saw blade
5. Stable sliding table 1400 mm long
6. Cast iron work table for increased precision of work and vibration damping
7. Side shelf for extra work surface on the sliding table
8. Worktable extension 520 mm long



For more information, contact your local Wood-Mizer representative.