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Wood-Mizer French Open Days 2023 in the Alps in L'Ablé/Malaussène

Wood-Mizer French Open Days 2023 in the Alps in L'Ablé/Malaussène


The meeting with customers and presenting the newest Wood-Mizer machines in the French town L'Ablé near Malaussène has been a great success! During 29-30th March 2023, with the sunny weather, friendly atmosphere, and among sawmillers and woodworkers, the French representatives of Wood-Mizer demonstrated new products, including the LT20 WIDE Mobile sawmill and the LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile sawmill.   

Customer Open Days organized by representatives of Wood-Mizer in many countries are always an ideal opportunity to showcase the newest products and solutions, talk with the visitors about using and maintaining sawmilling machines, and exchange some knowledge on working with wood. The users of Wood-Mizer machines gladly participate in Open Days, which wasn’t an exception also this time. 



The branch manager of Wood-Mizer France Tizoc Chavez, along with his team and the co-host of the event, Sebastien Spinelli, did their best to prepare for the Open Days at a professional level. A few dozen visitors came to the show to watch the presentation of new and popular sawmills, talk with the sales representatives, get practical advice about various sawmilling projects, and, most importantly, socialize with fellow sawmillers and woodworkers.  

During the Customer Days, Wood-Mizer presented its newest products – the famous LT20 sawmill and the LT15CLASSIC sawmill in portable versions and with WIDE sawheads. In addition, the visitors could watch the legendary LT40 sawmill in action, the LT20 stationary sawmill with the 7,2-m-long bed, the EG300 multirip/board edger, and the equipment for maintaining sawmill blades. 

Wood-Mizer LT20 WIDE Mobile sawmill is a new version of the popular and proven LT20 sawmill but with a wider sawhead for cutting logs up to 90 cm in diameter and a length of 6,3 m. „It’s a machine designed for small sawmilling workshops and individual users, although it will surely match the needs of larger enterprises focused on versatility, reliability, and increased efficiency. The LT20 sawmill in a portable version which allows for cutting larger logs, sounds good also for those sawmillers just starting their business,” points out Tizoc Chavez. 



The LT20 WIDE Mobile sawmill is offered with the bed in the manual, STANDARD, and SUPER hydraulic versions. At the same time, the top configuration includes two vertical side supports, a central clamp on two rods, hold-down clamps, a chain turner, a log-leveling roller, a power roller with two cylinders, and a log loader. The new sawmill has electric motors (7,5, 11, 15 kW) or combustion engines (22, 25 KM). The WIDE sawhead features the device for automatic board thickness adjustment (Setworks) and is moved electrically (up/down and forward/reverse). Optionally it can be fitted with a debarker, which extends the sawmill blade’s lifetime by clearing away dirt and rocks from the bark.

Another new machine demonstrated during the Open Days was the LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile sawmill, built based on the popular and recognized sawmill, the LT15CLASSIC. „The new version of the machine with a WIDE sawhead and a mobile chassis responds to a growing demand for lightweight and affordable sawmills with the parameters matching those larger machines,” says the manager of Wood-Mizer France. 

Wood-Mizer LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile sawmill allows for the conversion of logs to timber where necessary, and with the wider sawhead, it can cut logs up to 90 cm in diameter and a length of 5,2 m. It uses 32-mm wide sawmill blades to produce as much timber from each log as possible while generating scant amounts of sawdust and consuming less energy. The sawmill bed consists of 3 sections, and it features six side supports, 3 log clamps, and a leveling wedge. Additionally, the bed can be equipped with a manual winch and a log-loading ramp for higher comfort and efficiency. Optional are the automatic board thickness adjustment (Setworks) device and the electric sawhead movement forward/reverse. The LT15CLASSIC WIDE Mobile sawmill is available with an 11 kW electric motor or a 25 HP gas engine.



Sebastien Spinelli is a successful and respected entrepreneur providing the region with high-quality wood products, gardening, landscaping, and forestry services. In the company managed by the co-host of the Open Days - Spinelli Palanca Services, there is an LT20 stationary sawmill with a 7,2-m-long bed coupled with the EG300 board edger. Moreover, the workshop can maintain the sawmill blades on their own thanks to the BMS250 blade sharpener and the BMT150 tooth setter. During the Open Days at L’Ablé, the visitors also had an occasion to watch other popular Wood-Mizer machines and equipment utilized often in small and big sawmilling businesses. 

The Wood-Mizer branch office in France is supported by a team of dynamic and committed workers who serve customers daily with their knowledge and experience. The success of Customer Days was only possible with their involvement and hard work.  

„Many thanks to all the visitors who took their time to come and meet us at the Open Days in L’Ablé. I hope we will meet again at other such events and shows shortly – please follow our website and social media to be always up-to-date about the presentations, promotions, and company news,” remarks Tizoc Chavez.

Au revoir!