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Product Overviews

Industrial Sawmilling Highlights: Comparison of Wood-Mizer’s EG800 Edger and MR200 Multirip

Sawmill owners frequently search for methods to increase timber production, focusing on speed and efficiency. Wood-Mizer provides a variety of sawmilling machines designed to help expand your sawmill operations and boost your business's productivity. This article compares Wood-Mizer's industrial sawmilling solutions: the EG800 edger and the MR200 multirip.

Chainsaw Mill vs. Band Sawmill? A Comprehensive Comparison to Guide Your Choice

Small property owners and farmers occasionally need to cut logs into boards for projects like fence repairs or shed construction. Since log sawing is a relatively simple, infrequent task (...), the initial solution might be to utilize an existing chainsaw by adding attachments for horizontal log cutting. Let's explore and compare the features of the band sawmill and the chainsaw mill ...

Wood-Mizer TVS HD Industrial Sawmilling Line for Pallet Manufacturing

The Industrial Sawmilling Lines, or Wood-Mizer Systems, introduce automation and smart solutions to produce timber efficiently at lower costs. Glinkowski Sawmilling Company has operated its Wood-Mizer industrial sawmilling line in Poland since 2021. The line made it possible to customize the machinery to specific business needs and incorporate the existing equipment at the factory into the new Wood-Mizer Systems setups.

How Edgers and Multirips Add Value to a Sawmill

Edgers and multirips are designed to edge sideboards, slabs, and flitches with wane and rip cants and blocks into boards consistently and efficiently over time within very tight tolerances. Any sawmill that wants to expand its output, cutting accuracy, and recovery rates to get higher yields, can use an edger or multirip to achieve these goals.

How to Choose the Wood-Mizer TOOLS

Wood-Mizer offers a wide range of tools for carpenters and sawmillers including circular saw blades, cutterheads and cutting knives for moulding and planing, drills, and frame saw blades. Wood-Mizer products are well-known for their robust build, high functionality, and reliability. In the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalog, you can find premium class accessories, designed for both Wood-Mizer machines and machines of other brands.

How to Choose the Best Cutting Tools in Your Workshop?

The more machinery you have in your workshop, the more often you’re faced with the dilemma of which cutting tools to choose, what is essential for each sawing application, and how to make sure that a particular choice will work well for you.

The Wood-Mizer WB2000 Industrial Sawmill at a Modern Sawmilling Factory in Poland

Since its introduction in 2015, sawmilling companies throughout the world have installed the Wood-Mizer WB2000 industrial sawmills, raising sawmilling productivity by two or threefold. The Wood-Mizer WB2000 industrial sawmill is a machine that combines the benefits of narrow and wide bandsaw blade technology, making it a flexible and comfortable sawmill both for individual sawmilling, as well as a part of a sawmilling line.

Wood-Mizer WB2000 High-Performance Industrial Sawmill

Watch the record of Wood-Mizer LIVE with the detailed introduction to the WB2000 industrial sawmill design features. In this video presentation, the Wood-Mizer Industrial Product Manager Adam Kubiak explains how the WB2000 operates and generates profit, using a blade of 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm in width and providing the performance comparable to that we could expect from a wide band sawmill.

Introducing Wood-Mizer’s MR200 Double Arbor Multirip

Wood-Mizer launches a new industrial multirip - a versatile highly-efficient machine with two arbors, each with up to 12 circular saws and capable of sawing timber up to 200 mm thick.

Wood-Mizer Industrial Sawmilling Systems

Wood-Mizer industrial sawmilling equipment provides high yield, simple design, low-cost sawing systems that can process wood without sorting and debarking. Wood-Mizer’s industrial lines have proven their success in limited production space with a low energy consumption. There are several key benefits of Wood-Mizer equipment that allows to generate profit and significantly improve efficiency in high volume sawmilling.

Wood-Mizer Sawmilling Systems Add Productivity and Save Operation Costs

Wood-Mizer Sawmilling Systems combine several sawmilling machines in one system to produce timber in a more controlled and efficient way. These systems are designed and customized for each customer and their specific requirements. They may range from the LT70 sawmill remote line to SLP1/SLP2 Smart Log Processing to the advanced Log Processing Sawmilling System. Wood-Mizer has an experienced and dedicated team of engineers to develop various sawmilling systems that produce more timber and less waste, reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs, and lowering labor requirements.