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Introducing Wood-Mizer’s MR200 Double Arbor Multirip

By Wood-Mizer, Europe


The MR200 double arbor multirip is engineered for high-volume timber production operations with a need to saw cants into boards. It has two arbors driven by motors ranging from 15 kW up to 30 kW depending on production needs. Each shaft is equipped with up to 12 circular blades with diameters ranging from 200 up to 350 mm.

The feed system features a robust, modular table. Adding more of these modular sections to the feed table allows for longer cants to be processed. The minimum cant length is 700 mm - less than that of similar competitors' machines. Driven feed rollers which are located close to the blades make it possible to feed such short cants. There are 8 feed rollers in total, 6 bottom, and 2 top rollers: 4 are directly in front of the saws, and 4 behind the saws.


MR200 Double Arbor Multirip after ripping some cants into boards

With the help of optional laser lines, the MR200 operator positions the cant on the feed table and easily pushes the cant until it is picked up by the feed rollers.

The intuitive control panel can be placed in a convenient location for the operator. In addition to the individual control of the motors, the console also has an ammeter for measuring the load on the arbors and a feed speed regulator up to 15 m/min.

Adam Kubiak, Wood-Mizer Industrial Equipment Sales Manager, explains the design features of the MR200 industrial multirip.

“We recommend installing an optional electronic feed rate regulator, which monitors the load on the shafts, and if the optimal value is exceeded, it automatically slows down the material feed rate. It is a very useful device that contributes to both the quality of the material cut and the durability of the machine."


MR200 Double Arbor Multirip shown two arbors with cutting saws

Another useful option is the built-in sawdust chipper powered by a 5.5 kW motor.

“Anyone who has experience with multirip saws knows that sawing creates offcuts, pieces of bark and other by-products that can interrupt the normal operation of the machine,” explains Adam Kubiak.

“That is why Wood-Mizer has provided the possibility of installing a chipper that processes this waste into fine sawdust, which is removed from the machine using a cyclone extractor. This by-product has value and it is important to collect it and prepare it for sale as an additional revenue source."

Both arbors of the MR200 are easily adjustable in height relative to both each other and the feed system. This feature allows for the arbors to be set at the optimum height for the material being processed. It allows for the optimum saw diameter to be used which in turn optimizes the power consumption and strain on the machine.

“When sawing a cant with a maximum thickness of 200 mm, both blade shafts are used at 100% of their power. When switching to timber with a thickness of, for example, 140 mm, it is possible to adjust the position of the arbors so that the upper and lower arbors have the same load, that is, they saw through 70 mm of thickness. In this case, the wear of the saws will be even, and the energy consumption is the most economical,” explains Adam Kubiak.

“If the production works mainly with a prism of a certain thickness, for example, 140 mm, it makes sense to install saws with a smaller diameter,” continues Adam Kubiak. “The smaller the circular saw, the thinner the cut and the lower the load on the motors, which means there is an opportunity to increase the yield, save energy, and prolong the machine life. The flexibility of this equipment makes it possible to save and increase profits on a case-by-case basis.”

Additionally, the machine has a fine adjustment screw for the upper shaft. This allows for the top and bottom blades to be shifted so that they saw in the same line.

“We recommend making a test cut, and then using this screw to adjust the position of the upper shaft so that both upper and lower blades converge perfectly,” says Adam Kubiak. “Then the MR200 produces top-quality sawn timber, with a smooth surface that is free of any step where the saws meet. Very few double arbor multirips in this class have such adjustments."

The Wood-Mizer MR200 double arbor multirip is a compact machine and has low noise emission.

Experience from sawmills running these machines has shown that the productivity of the MR200 can be estimated at up to 10 m3 per hour of operation.*

For more detailed information, please contact your local Wood-Mizer representative.

*The performance of each multirip system depends on the specific parameters of the motors and the lumber being sawn.


MR200 Double Arbor Multirip infeed with assistance roller

MR200 Double Arbor Multirip operator panel with separate controls for each arbor

MR200 Double Arbor Multirip feed rollers close to arbors

MR200 Double Arbor Multirip fresh ripped cants to high quality boards