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Wood-Mizer WB2000 High-Performance Industrial Sawmill

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Wood-Mizer introduces the WB2000 high-performance industrial sawmill that has been engineered specifically to meet the needs of high-production timber processing markets. Successfully installed and operating in six continents since its initial debut, the WB2000 expands the versatility and affordability of a high-performance industrial sawmill and provides world-class service and support from Wood-Mizer’s leading distribution network.

Capable of sawing with 50mm, 75mm and 100mm sawmill band blades, the WB2000 combines the increased yield of thin-kerf blade technology with the durability and reliability that high-production operations demand. In addition, WB2000 sawmill blades can be sharpened with fast, accurate, and affordable CBN grinding wheel technology rather than relying on the expertise and costly resources of a professional saw doctor.



Packed with high-performance features, the WB2000 includes a powerful 30kW or 37kW electric motor, heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, live feed 2-camera video system, and an efficient operation with precision setworks for sawing large diameter softwood, hardwood, and tropical logs. The WB2000 can be used as a standalone sawmill to process a log fully or in addition to an existing system to process irregular logs or produce custom orders.


WB2000 High-Performance Industrial Sawmill Features

  • Heavy duty twin rail head construction with quad post support
  • Performance with 50mm, 75mm and 100mm width sawmill blades
  • 6-ton log capacity
  • Live feed, 2-camera video system (plus 2 optional)

Electronic setworks and an elevated operator control station allow a single operator to manage all sawing and hydraulic log handling functions while maintaining a clear view of production. The advanced setworks are displayed on an HMI touch-screen which presents board and cant sizes along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. In addition, deluxe joysticks provide the operator with precise control of all sawing and log handling functions and feature proportional hydraulic speed control. Hydraulic log handling functions include a dual-post log clamp, vertical side supports, bi-directional chain log turner, and power rollers for positioning the log and removing cants.



The Wood-Mizer WB2000 high-performance industrial sawmill is now available worldwide. Contact your local Wood-Mizer Representative to order.