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From Logs to Legacy: The Art of Swedish Carpentry with Wood-Mizer Technology

By Wood-Mizer, Europe

From Logs to Legacy: The Art of Swedish Carpentry with Wood-Mizer Technology


"Working with your hobby allows for endless hours of enjoyment. I am living the dream." This is Rasmus Ström's perspective on woodworking at his carpentry workshop, Ädelsnickaren (The Fine Carpenter), in Falköping, Sweden. Utilizing Wood-Mizer's woodworking equipment, like versatile four-sided MP260 planer/moulder, Rasmus crafts specialized products like flooring and siding with tongue-and-groove joints, kitchen cabinet doors, and decorative edgings. 

Rasmus has been passionate about pursuing a woodworking career since his youth. His journey began post-graduation from a woodcraft design high school. Rasmus transitioned from his job as a building custodian and technician to launching his woodworking business after 12 years. His company, Ädelsnickaren, specializes in custom carpentry, from planing lumber to crafting furniture. "In my woodcraft design class, I was initially the sole student. Eventually, three more carpenters joined, highlighting the demand for specialized wooden products and services, which was not widely recognized at the time," Rasmus recalls.



Rasmus's passion for carpentry is fueled by his love for wood's potential transformation into beautiful objects. "The allure of wood lies in its scent and the patterns revealed upon cutting. It's about turning a boring log into something unique, limited only by imagination," he shares.

Reflecting on his early experiences working alongside his father in a cold storage locker, Rasmus envisioned a woodworking career. "I've always felt a deep connection to wood, leading me to pursue a woodcraft course and follow my dream. Today, more people appreciate the satisfaction of manual work, resonating with my experience of endless, enjoyable hours immersed in my hobby," he observes.



At Ädelsnickaren, Wood-Mizer's equipment, particularly the MP260 planer/moulder, is crucial in producing final products. "With one machine, I can perform multiple tasks that used to require separate, bulky machines. The MP260, with its dual horizontal and vertical cutter heads, allows for simultaneous operations, making it an indispensable, yet compact and lightweight, tool in my workshop," explains Rasmus.

Introduced to Sweden in the early 1990s and now under Wood-Mizer's stewardship, these machines are gaining recognition in Europe and other global markets. They offer features like cast-iron worktables for stability, multiple cutting heads for comprehensive moulding, and efficient motor setups for powering cutter heads. Essential for any modern woodworking shop, these machines support a wide range of cutting heads and accessories.

"For example, I use the MP260 planer/moulder to craft tongue-and-groove joints on flooring planks, known in Sweden as råspont, providing a smooth finish and customized grooving as per client specifications," Rasmus details.



He has also enhanced his setup with Wood-Mizer's chip extractor system to maintain a clean and safe work environment, noting its superior power over other brands.

Rasmus collaborates with True North Interior to process large wood slabs for furniture, utilizing the Wood-Mizer MB200 SlabMizer. This machine accommodates the moulding and grinding of large surfaces, which is ideal for crafting solid wood tables and benches.

"In Sweden, wood is a fundamental building block for homes, which aligns with my dream of constructing my own timber house. My passion extends beyond carpentry to creating timber houses," Rasmus concludes.