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WM1000 Industrial Sawmill

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Process Massive Logs with Thin-Kerf Efficiency

Saws softwood, hardwood and tropical logs up to 1.7 metre diameter with high quality and efficiency.

  • Powered sawhead controls
  • Requires low installation costs and requirements.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction
  • Electronic Setworks boost Productivity
Description WM1000 Industrial Sawmill

The Wood-Mizer WM1000 saws large softwood, hardwood and tropical logs up to 1.7 metres in diameter. This sawmill uses narrowband, thin-kerf blades to deliver higher log yields than traditional large-log sawing methods.

Heavy-duty, accurate, and easy-to-use, the WM1000 features a massive cutting head that moves along a twin-rail frame to convert large logs into halves, quarters, finished boards, or cants for resawing. The operator controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head and includes electronic setworks for accurate cutting.

The WM1000 uses thin-kerf, narrow band blades that are 50 mm to 75 mm wide, resulting in significantly improved log yield and less wood waste.

Built to last and run effortlessly in industrial applications, it easily integrates into existing operations with low installation costs. Simply extend the rails to cut longer logs.

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Videos WM1000 Industrial Sawmill
Features WM1000 Industrial Sawmill
Specifications WM1000 Industrial Sawmill
Power 22 kW Electric
30 kW Electric
37 kW Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 118 cm (Manual Bed)
163 cm (Manual Bed with Rail Support System)
170 cm (No Bed)
Min. Log Diameter 50 cm
Max. Width of Cut 170 cm
Max. Cant Width 170 cm
Min. Cant Width 20 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 98 cm
Head Features and Options
Setworks SW10
Head Up/Down Electric (0.75 kW)
Head Forward/Reverse Electric (1.1 kW)
Blade Guide Arm Electric (2 x 0.25 kW)
Blade Lubrication 2-sided
Multi-point Blade Wheel Lubrication and Clining
Blade Tension System Hydraulic Tensioning Handle with Gauge
Debarker N/A
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 150 mm
Additional Options Roller, Double Block Blade Guide
Ride-along Operator Station
Length 9800 mm
Width 50 mm
75 mm
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 1070 mm
Blade Wheel Type Non belted
Blade Wheel Material Steel
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Trailer Package N/A
Log Handling
Manual 2-sided Adjustable Wedges
STANDARD Hydraulic N/A
SUPER Hydraulic N/A
Sawmill Features and Options
Standards CE
Options Rails: 2 x 10 m
Rails: 2 x 5 m
Raised Rails: 2 x 10 m
Raised Rails: 2 x 5 m
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