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LX50START Sawmill

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The best choice in the economical class – a compact LX50START sawmill for everybody

Do you want to turn logs into boards and cants all by yourself? Order the LX50START sawmill today! Experience the quality and reliability of Wood-Mizer's professional machines, now available in the most compact LX50 series.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.

Sawmill Blades for LX50START/LX50SUPER

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Description LX50START Sawmill
ATTENTION In October 2023, the LX50START Sawmill was upgraded to the new version.
Click here to see all the changes.

  • The operator’s position on the right side, sawdust outlet stayed on the left side.
  • Sawmill bed construction changed.
  • Rectangle-shaped sawhead throat with no bevels.

2-year warranty

made in eu

service support

free shipping

The LX50 sawmill series are the most compact and budget-friendly Wood-Mizer machines for processing logs into lumber individually. Their popularity results from the perfect connection of simple design and proven mechanical solutions, combined with the quality and durability characteristic of legendary Wood-Mizer sawmills. The LX50 series is ideal for novice sawyers and hobbyists who expect efficient and precise wood processing for their own needs.

The LX50START sawmill allows users to process logs up to 66 cm in diameter and a maximum length of 3,10 m, which can be customized to meet user needs by expanding the bed with additional segments measuring 1,33 m each.

In the LX50START sawmill, the standard bed equipment includes four top-mounted side supports (2 long and two short), 1 log clamp, and five cross-sections with reinforcements. Various accessories can be ordered for the sawmill, including adjustable legs, bed extension segments, additional supports and clamps, log loading ramps, a wedge for compensating log taper, and a cant hook.

The operation of the LX50START sawmill is ergonomic and intuitive - the operator manually adjusts the sawhead height using a crank and smoothly moves the sawhead along the bed on rollers. The LX50START sawmill features a blade cleaning system with a manual valve and a blade tensioning system based on a screw with an indicator. The blade guide rollers ensure the stability of the blade, allowing for precise cutting.

The LX50START sawmill utilizes a Kohler G9 9-HP gasoline engine or an EH5 4-kW electric motor. Kohler engines, renowned for their high operational quality and reliability, are employed for superior sawmill performance.

The product comes with a two-year warranty and access to professional technical support.

LX50START sawmill on pallet

The LX50START sawmill includes free shipping in the EU and is delivered on a compact pallet measuring 165 x 65 x 98 cm. Assembly and initial setup are explained in an instructional video available online.

Options Additional Bed Sections
Additional Bed Sections for LX50START Sawmill

Additional Section: LX50SA-EXT2-S2

Length: 1,33 m; log clamp, 2 side supports included.
Increases the max. log length to 4.1 m.

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Additional Bed Sections for LX50START Sawmill

Additional Section: LX50SA-EXT2

Length: 1,33 m.
Increases the max. log length to 4.1 m.

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Videos LX50START Sawmill
Features LX50START Sawmill

Specifications LX50START Sawmill
Power 4 kW Electric
9 HP Petrol (KOHLER Command PRO CH395)
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 66 cm
Max. Log Length 3.1 m (3 segments 1.33 m each, S3 Bed)
Max. Width of Cut 60 cm
Max. Cant Width 55 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 20 cm
Head Features and Options
Head Up/Down Hand Crank
Head Forward/Reverse Manual Push
Blade Lubrication Manual Valve
Blade Tension System Screw with Indicator
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 101.6 mm (4'')
Length 3340 mm
Width 32 mm
Thickness 1.07 mm
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 400 mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Bed Extensions Additional Bed Sections: 1.33 m
Log Handling
Manual 1 Manual Log Clamp
4 Side Supports (Inserted from the top, 2 short and 2 long ones)
Sawmill Features and Options
Frame Construction xFRAME
Power Requirements 3 Phases, 400 V, 50 Hz / 9 A (4 kW)
Standards CE
Options Log Loading Ramps
Cant Hook
Log Wedge
Adjustable Legs
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