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Buy LX50START Sawmill in one of these versions: electric 4 kW LX50SAS3EH5S, petrol 13 HP LX50SAS3G13S or petrol 7 HP LX50SAS3G7S and get FREE:

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LX50START Sawmill

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Cut Logs Just by Yourself!

The smallest and the most affordable LX machine for independent sawmilling of logs to ready timber. Simple design and proven mechanical solutions will allow every user to operate the sawmill quickly and efficiently.

  • 2-Year Sawmill Warranty
  • Made in Europe

Description LX50START Sawmill

The smallest and cheapest LX machine for independent sawmilling of logs to ready timber. The quality and durability of the legendary Wood-Mizer sawmills are guaranteed. Its simple design and proven mechanical solutions will allow every user to operate the sawmill quickly and efficiently. With this machine, also You can begin your sawmilling adventure – in a quick, smart, and cheap way!

The LX50START sawmill head is fitted with a manual feed system for up/down and forward/backward movement, which allows for a stable and intuitive operation. The sawmill blade cleaning system keeps the blade, blade wheels, and guide rollers clean by effectively removing sawdust, resin, or bark. The blade tensioning mechanism reduces vibrations and secures high sawing precision.

The LX50START sawmill frame is manufactured from high-quality steel, and, in the standard version, the bed consists of three segments of a total length of 4 m. The bed can be extended with more segments (each 1,33 m long) for sawing longer logs. The standard S3-type bed features two sturdy side supports and one central log clamp, while it can be optionally equipped with a set of adjustable bed leveling legs. Some useful sawmilling accessories for the LX50START include a cant hook for loading and turning logs onto the bed and a log taper wedge for sawing uneven logs.

The LX50START can mill logs with a maximum diameter of 60 cm and produce 40-cm wide boards or cants. The LX50START can be equipped with a 4 kW electric engine or a 7 HP or 14 HP gasoline engine.

The LX50START is made in the EU and comes with a 2-year warranty.

It is delivered on a single pallet of 165 x 65 x 95 cm, and its simple assembly allows for starting your sawmilling project on the same day. Assembly video is available online.

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Features LX50START Sawmill

Specifications LX50START Sawmill
Power 4 kW Electric
7 HP Petrol (Lifan)
13 HP Petrol (Lifan)
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 60 cm
Max. Log Length 3.2 m (3 segments 1.33 m each)
Max. Width of Cut 55 cm
Max. Cant Width 40 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 19 cm
Head Features and Options
Head Up/Down Hand Crank
Head Forward/Reverse Manual Push
Blade Guide Arm N/A
Blade Lubrication Manual Valve
Blade Tension System Screw with Indicator
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 101.6 mm (4'')
Length 3340 mm
Width 32 mm
Thickness 1.07 mm
Blade Wheels
Blade Wheel Diameter 400 mm
Blade Wheel Type Belted
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Twin Rail
Bed Extensions Additional Bed Sections: 1.33 m
Log Handling
Manual S3 Bed (3 segments 1.33 m each): 2 Side supports, 1 Manual Log Clamps
Sawmill Features and Options
Frame Construction xFRAME
Standards CE
Options Cant Hook
Log Wedge
Adjustable Legs
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