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LT15 Sale

Choose Your Wood-Mizer LT15 Series Sawmill and Get Up To €2,000 to spend on Sawmill Upgrades, Accessories and Blades.

Order LT15START Sawmill
and get 7.5% OFF!
Order LT15CLASSIC WIDE Sawmill
and get €2,000
to spend for upgrades, accessories and blades!
Order LT15CLASSIC Sawmill
and get €1,750
to spend for upgrades, accessories and blades!

Device for setting the cutting thickness SW-10.

Electric forward/backward feed system allows for increasing production efficiency.

Improve manual log handling on your sawmill with log loading ramps! Includes two steel, spring-loaded, anti-rollback log loading ramps.

Stabilize and secure logs on the sawmill bed during loading, turning, clamping, and sawing with the log clamp and side support.

Saw longer logs (no practical limit) by extending the cutting length of your sawmill with bed extension.

Portability of your sawmill will increase its functionality. With the mobile trailer you can tow your sawmill to the place of work.

Roll, lift, move, and pivot heavy logs around your woodlot or sawmill with a steel cant hook available in 70, 120 i 150 cm lengths.

The range of motors includes also stronger versions that allow for effortless cutting in hard and large logs.

Electric up/down feed system allows for quick and precise setting of cutting eight.

Choose from a bunch of Upgrades and Accessories such as:

  • Engine Upgrade
  • SW-10 Setworks
  • Power Up/Down
  • Power Feed
  • Loading Ramps
  • Log Leveling Toeboards
  • Additional Bed Sections
  • Clamps
  • Side Supports
  • Debarker
  • Mobile Version Upgrade
  • Cant Hooks

The offer applies to sawmills in both stationary and mobile versions.

The promotion is valid until June 30, 2024.

The promotion includes selected markets only. Please contact your local Dealer/Distributor to learn about the offer in detail.

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