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Recommended Stock of Spare Parts for Wood-Mizer Sawmill

By Wood-Mizer, Europe

To avoid having your sawmill going out of order and losing essential work time, it is vital to keep a stock of spare parts for your sawmill. Here is a shortlist of spare parts that should always be available; their prompt replacement saves your time and money.


Blade wheel belts are a unique and patented Wood-Mizer solution that helps absorb the shock, mitigates vibrations, and creates a gap between the blade wheel and the band saw blade. Thanks to this, Wood-Mizer blade wheels don't have to be crowned.
As a result of high blade wheel RPMs, sawdust, and other debris don't stick to the wheel but escapes the saw head through the sawdust shoot.
In this way, blade wheel belts prolong bandsaw blade life and allow for smoother cutting and quicker feed rates.
The unique blade wheel belts have slightly different design. Their outer layer is made of a more rigid material that keeps the belt in good shape longer and doesn't wear off as quickly as regular belts. Besides, their inner V-shape perfectly fits Wood-Mizer blade wheels. The belts are made of rubber resistant to chemicals released by wood at the time of cutting.
If taken care of correctly, belts can withstand up to 500 hours of work. To prolong the belt life, whenever you change blades, ensure that you clean the wheel under the belt from any excess sawdust and debris buildup. Clean blade wheels will eliminate vibrations improve your cut quality. This way, your belts will wear evenly.


To get the most out of your blade wheel belts, sawmillers recommend swapping them around:
- At the beginning of every shift, at the time when you check all sawmill settings and inspect its condition
- Once a week, if you are cutting only a few hours a day

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It is worth keeping two blade guide roller bearings in case if yours fail. Wood-Mizer is using sealed bearings that aren't serviceable. Each blade guide roller fits two bearings. If your roller is worn, it is worth swapping the roller with bearings.

The brushes in Wood-Mizer 12v motors used in the debarker arm, blade guide arm, and sharpeners are sold as an easy-to-change set of two. Depending on the motor that is used in your machine, you should get at least one set. Heavily used brushes will lead to lower performance:

- Dull and slow work of the commutator
- Higher energy consumption
- Frequent fuse disconnection

• 2l of HYDRAULIC OIL (for hydraulic sawmills)

Wood-Mizer hydraulic systems do not require oil change as the oil is continuously filtered. When changing the hydraulic system's oil filter, make sure to check the oil level and add on if needed. If you notice a considerable amount of oil missing, you should inspect hydraulic hoses and connections for leakage and fix them.

• DRUM SWITCHES (up/down and power feed)

Drum switches are conducting electricity in high power. If drum switches aren't cleaned and greased regularly, they might wear out quickly.

• Blades

Wood-Mizer Customer Service experts suggest swapping blades every two hours. Frequent blade change will prolong their life and improve cutting quality. Once blades get dull, send them for sharpening to a local sharpening service. Once sharpened and set, your blades will cut as well as new.