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How to Setup Wood-Mizer Planer/Moulders

By Wood-Mizer, Europe


The tutorial video explains some most common maintenance operations for Wood-Mizer MP260 and MP360 four-sided Planer/Moulders, as well as for MP200 Planer/Thicknesser.

Chad, an experienced Wood-Mizer specialist in Woodworking Machines, presents and simultaneously explains how to set up the planer/moulders, including the following operations:

  • 00:00:28     How to change knives and set cutting height on top/bottom cutting heads, 
  • 00:14:15     How to install and set infeed fence, 
  • 00:21:03     How to change knives on side cutting heads, 
  • 00:26:05     How to change profile knives on top and bottom cutting heads, 
  • 00:29:11     How to adjust the pressure on top feed rollers, 
  • 00:31:16     How to clean and maintain the table. 

All the operations have been presented on the MP260 planer/moulder; however, they also apply to other MP machines from the Wood-Mizer range.