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How to Increase Timber Production and Recovery


With Wood-Mizer machines, increasing your sawmilling production volume and timber recovery is an accessible and intelligent business. Upgrade your sawmilling operation and improve productivity by adding resaws and edgers to your sawmilling line.

FIRST STEP: Get the Most Yield Out of Every Log

Take a smart first step and sawmill your logs with an LX or LT Sawmill from Wood-Mizer. Wood-Mizer produces a variety of narrow-band sawmills, ranging from the small and flexible LT15 sawmill to the heavy-duty and robust LT70 sawmill. Known for its ease of operation and thin-kerf blade technology, it will ensure you get the most yield out of every log.


Wood-Mizer LT15 SawmillWood-Mizer LT15 Sawmill


NEXT STEP: Increase a Productivity

Improve productivity with one of the many Wood-Mizer Board Edgers from the EG range. Running a board edger increases the value of rough-sawn timber while saving time and labor, which you would waste when edging boards on a sawmill. Using circular saws will also have fewer band blade changes per shift.



ADVANCED STEP: Improve Recovery from Low-Value Timber

Add a resaw from the Wood-Mizer HR range for more results. These machines efficiently recover valuable lumber from low-value boards, which makes a resaw a profitable investment.



If you’d like to advance your sawmilling operation with machines that make you money, be wiser with Wood-Mizer.

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