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HR110 Horizontal Resaw

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Affordable and efficient resaw for softwoods

The HR110 is an ideal solution for an affordable and efficient resaw for cutting softwoods.

  • Hold-down rollers
  • Feed Speed 0-25 m per minute
  • Head Tilts 0° - 8°
Description HR110 Horizontal Resaw

The HR110 horizontal resaw is an ideal solution for an affordable, efficient resaw unit recommended for softwoods.

For the budget-minded business, the HR110 delivers excellent capacity and features. Head height is adjusted manually with a hand crank. The belt speed can be adjusted up to 25 metres per minute depending on the material being cut. Hold-down rollers keep cants steady during cutting. In-feed and out-feed roller tables are included. A side roller table facilitates returning uncut cants for another pass.

To produce tapered products such as house siding, the head angle adjusts from 0° - 8°.

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Specifications HR110 Horizontal Resaw
Power 5.5 kW Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Width of Cut 400 mm
Max. Cutting Height 180 mm (with additional back roller)
280 mm (front roller only)
Min. Cutting Height 6 mm
Min. Material Length 700 mm
Feed System
Type Rubber Belt
Feed Speed 0 - 25 m/s
Length 4010 mm
Width 32 mm
35 mm
Head Features and Options
Head Up/Down Hand Crank
Blade Wheels
Diameter 483 mm
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