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Cutter Block 100 mm

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Part #: TG56.100.4K

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Description Cutter Block 100 mm

TG56.100.4K – Side cutterhead (right/left) compatible with machines MP 180/200/260/360/365. Cutter block height 100 mm and outside diameter 88 mm (91 mm with standard knives) makes it a medium-size and universal head capable of doing most of moulding works. It features 4 knife slots, so it’s possible to mount maximum 4 moulding knives onto it.

All knives are mounted on the head by means of pins and wedges (WM MP system). This system guarantees high stability and precision of each cutting operation. Each knife features holes that match exactly the pins on each wedge. Note that straight knives are mounted without pins/holes. Every wedge with a knife inserted on it, is held tight to the head block with 3 Allen bolts. At the cutter block height of 100 mm it’s recommended to install the knives 100 mm high. The standard 30 mm spindle rotates at max 9000 rpm. In order to remove the head from the spindle, all you need to do is loosen the top locking nut using only 2 wrenches. Then you’re ready to replace the knives on the head – just loosen the Allen bolts holding the wedges and take out the knives from the slots. Now put the knives of a desired profile back in, tighten the bolts and reassemble the head on the spindle. Remember always to use protective gloves when working with knives as their blades have extremely sharp edges! Use the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalogue as your main guide in choosing the right profile of knives.

The head is made of blackened steel which has anti-friction and anti-adhesive qualities, which means that its operation is very effective and the sawdust doesn’t stick to its surface. Each cutter block is labelled with Wood-Mizer logo and the technical specification – catalogue type, dimensions, machine compatibility, max operating speed. The full set includes the cutterhead with 2 pcs of 100 mm HSS straight knives with wedges and 2 pcs of steel fillers with wedges for profile knives - all packed firmly in a nice and durable wooden box.

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