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BMT300 Automatic Tooth Setter

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  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description BMT300 Automatic Tooth Setter

The BMT300 industrial toothsetter is designed for professional blade sharpening businesses and large sawmill companies. Maximum blade width is 75mm, and the feed rate is up to 24 teeth per minute.

The BMT300 pneumatic setter ensures extreme tooth setting accuracy and consistency. An electronic control panel displays all parameters and diagnostic tools. Simply install the blade, and start the setter in the mode you wish to run. When one side of the blade is finished, invert the blade, re-install it in the setter, and move the blade pusher into the reverse position.

Several different modes and functions allow flexibility with how the setter will operate and the parameters that it will use. Inspection Mode simply checks the set on the teeth. Regular setting modes can detect set patterns, and bend back overset teeth automatically. After setting the blade, the setter will stop, or will double-check the blade to ensure that the set is exact. Tolerances for minimum and maximum set can be adjusted.

The BMT300 is designed as the toothsetting companion for the BMS500 blade sharpener for companies with multiple band sawmills in operation as well as for ReSharp service centres whose business is based on blade maintenance.

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