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BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

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Professional Automatic Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

The BMS250 blade sharpener is ideal for the sawmillers who look for a high-quality, automatic and reliable solution for their timber cutting business.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

The BMS250 blade sharpener uses 5" CBN (127 mm) grinding wheels to sharpen bandsaw blades. The sharpening process is made as quick and effortless as possible, thanks to an advanced control unit. Its compact construction and light weight make it an excellent choice for every sawmilling workshop. With BMS250 a 401 cm bandsaw blade will take only 4-5 minutes to sharpen. The maximum blade length that the blade support arms can hold is 467 cm. Optionally, support arms extensions to hold blades of any length are available.

BMS250 features a steel cover that protects the operator from any grinding debris, noise and oil fumes. The top cover features a fumes extraction port for easy connection to a vent system, removing fumes generated during sharpening. Lifting the cover allows for easy access to the grinding wheel, blade advancer, and blade height adjustment knob. From the operator panel, you can switch the machine on/off, engage the grinding wheel, oil pump, adjust the variable feed speed, and in case of emergency, push an instant-off knob. A drawer with mineral oil and a pump with a magnet filter underneath the grinder for easy pump and magnet filter access.

The BMS250 is equipped with a 0.18 kW single-phase AC motor with a speed of 2800 rpm, that requires 230 V power supply. An oil lubrication system keeps the blade cool and the grinding wheel clean during sharpening. Magnets attract the metal filings, cleaning the oil. A set of wiper pads clean excess oil off the blade automatically. The tooth pusher and the blade height platform are easily adjusted to manage blades from 25 mm to 50 mm wide.

CBN grinding wheel and oil are not included.

We suggest that you purchase a minimum of 5 liters of grinding oil and at least one 5" CBN (127 mm) grinding wheel.

The oil level should be kept between 4.5 and 5 liters.

How to load the blade into the BMS250:

  • place the blade in the brackets on steel blade support arms (two on the side and one in the back),
  • open the mounting claw in front of the sharpener,
  • secure the blade in the mounting claw.

How to adjust the sharpener to a specific blade?

  • adjust the height of the blade by turning the blade height adjusting knob, so it barely touches the grinding wheel,
  • adjust the blade advancer so that the grinding wheel fits the blade gullet perfectly
  • sharpen seven teeth and set magnets on the blade right after oil scraping pads so that the sharpener turns off automatically after a whole cycle.
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