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Mobile Sawmills

A Mobile Sawmill in the French Mountains: Sawing in Any Season!

With Wood-Mizer LT70 mobile sawmill, French sawmiller Serge Jourdan cuts local wood for carpenters, makes custom sawing, and is available at any time to help other Wood-Mizer sawmill users in the Haut-Verdon Valley in Beauvezer.

Sawmilling in the French Alps with a Wood-Mizer LT70 Mobile Sawmill

What is the best sawmill for working in mountainous areas? Sawmilling in the Alps requires much character and determination from the local sawmillers. Towing sawmills up mountainous roads can be challenging, even for the most experienced sawmillers. Apart from the skills and practical knowledge about wood, they also need the proper sawmilling equipment to do their job well.

Learning Woodworking with Wood-Mizer in Sweden

Each time Swedish entrepreneur David Virén makes a board with his Wood-Mizer planer/moulder, he feels as if he has learned another lesson about wood. "Working with wood is more than just a job to be done. It's a learning process that you can get much satisfaction from," he explains.

A Mobile Sawmill Helps to Save Money on Log Transportation

“We no longer need a tractor to pull the logs out of the woods or a truck to transport ready boards to the customer's location,” tell brothers Geronazzo, the mobile sawmillers from Italy.

Wood-Mizer Sawmill Cuts 2,000-Year-Old Bog Oak in Germany

After two thousand years under water, an oak trunk from the Elbe River in Germany was sawn, dried, and turned into valuable material that will last for centuries.

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