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Furniture Makers

Carpentry Workshop in Slovenia Operates a Wood-Mizer Sawmill

Slovenian carpentry enterprise owner Jože Moric shares essential knowledge from his 40+ years of woodworking experience. "If you are blessed with a passion for woodworking at an early age, it makes it easier to enjoy what you do all your life," believes he.

Sawmilling at a Wooden Door Production in Indonesia

By investing wisely in sawmill equipment, an Indonesian door manufacturer has improved lumber quality, optimized productivity, and increased yields of valuable tropical timber.

Wood Furniture Making in Lower Saxony, Germany

Large logs are often inexpensive but more difficult to handle; only some woodworkers can process them. However, these difficulties did not stop Jan Narten, a young woodworker from Germany who cuts large-diameter logs and makes unique wooden furniture.

Growing Indonesia Furniture Producer Replacing Old Machinery with Modern Sawmills

Doddik Sulistiono is the owner of Citra Fajar Utama - a wood processing and furniture manufacturing company in the Klaten region of Central Java, Indonesia. The company was using the traditional vertical bandsaws for all their log breakdown. They began to look for other options and tried out a Wood-Mizer sawmill. They were so impressed with the surface quality and recovery, they bought three Wood-Mizers – an LT15 and two LX100 sawmills.

Retired Engineer Sawmilling and Woodworking in the French Alps

Henri Kurzaj is a French entrepreneur of Polish origin who has been working with wood for almost six years. His company Forest-Ethik deals with the design and concept of original wood products made of local timber. He enjoys living in a small village in the French region of Savoie.

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