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Air Filter for KOHLER

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Part #: 014718

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description Air Filter for KOHLER

KOHLER Genuine Part

This air filter is Manufactured by KOHLER, designed for gasoline engine types G13 and G15 (13 and 15 HP respectively).

Wood-Mizer recommends using only Original Kohler Air Filters.

How often should a sawmill air filter be changed?

Air filter is an important part of every combustion engine and should always be kept clean and functional. Its main function is to keep the air coming into the engine clean from dust, dirt or other debris. It’s recommended to clean it with compressed air every 8 hours of work. In case you can’t clean it sufficiently with compressed air, please replace it for a new one. An air filter which is too old will obstruct the work of the whole machine. As a result the engine might take in too much (more oil and gas) oil and will lose power.

Wood-Mizer part #: 014718
KOHLER part #: 47 083 01-S

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