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How to Sharp the Blades Properly

By Wood-Mizer, Europe

1. Always use grinding wheels with the profile matching the sharpened saw blade profile.

2. When you install the blade into the sharpener, make sure that the clamp is clean and the supporting arms are correctly adjusted.

3. Make sure that the pusher is in the right position, so that it would push the tooth which is going to be sharpened.

4.The correct length adjustment of the pusher is very important because otherwise, it will quickly damage the grinding wheel.

5.Adjust the grinding depth so that in the lowest position of the head you could turn the grinding wheel softly with your finger while still sensing a slight resistance, and the grinding wheel could fill out the entire tooth profile.

6. Start the motor and check if the sparks are visible on the full blade profile. If not, correct the pusher position.

7. Based on Wood-Mizer experience, the layer of removed metal should not be thicker than 0,1 – 0,15mm during one cycle.

8. Wood-Mizer recommends always doing a minimum of 2 cycles of the sharpening.


Remember about regular cleaning of the sharpener and its oil nozzle. Clean oil and the correct cleaning of the grinding wheel will guarantee effective grinding process without any burn-outs.