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How to Set Up Straight Knives in the Cutterheads

Learn how to install or replace a straight knife in a Wood-Mizer planer/moulder cutterhead. Each cutterhead has four slots; two always have straight knives, and the other two can have straight or profile knives, depending on the carpenter's tasks.



(1) Bolt
(2) Wedge
(3) Knife
(4) Spring
(5) Allen key

1.    Loosen the pressing wedge (2) by unscrewing the bolts (1) holding the knife.

2.    Remove the knife (3) and wedge (2) from the cutterhead. Repeat the operation for all knives and wedges in the cutterhead.

3.    Clean the slots in the cutterhead from any dirt and debris.

4.    Put the springs (4) into the cutterhead slot.

5.    Put the knife (3) and the wedge (2) into the cutterhead slot and tighten all bolts (1).

6.    Put the setting discs on both sides of the cutterhead to block the knives in the slots. Loosen the bolts (1) and adjust the height of the knife (3) with the help of setting discs. Tighten the bolts (1) carefully until they stop, beginning from the central bolt and moving on symmetrically to the side bolts.

7.    Remove the setting discs carefully.

Now the knives are set up and the cutterhead is ready for installation into the planer/moulder.
This simple knife setting procedure takes about 20 minutes to complete.