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Timber Framed Buildings

Rhineland Locals Use LX50 Sawmill to Save Timber Destroyed by Bark Beetles

Using a small sawmill on your property can help save valuable timber and make life more exciting by filling your days with sawing.

Polish Entrepreneur Succeeds in Woodworking Business Using Wood-Mizer Sawmill

Polish entrepreneur Zygmunt Koss talks about how he found a passion for woodworking and how he achieved success in business thanks to proper technology.

Constructing a Unique Wooden Chapel on a Farm in the USA

“I've been a builder for 40 years and have built a lot of different things over the years. But I think this chapel is the best thing I've ever done,” says Bill Miskiman, a farm owner in Connecticut and one of those involved in creating the unique Trinity Knot Chapel.

Two Brothers from Sweden Successfully Run Their Construction and Carpentry Workshop

Göran & Lennart Ståhl make woodworking products and supply local customers with quality timber for building and finishing houses in Sweden. The brothers rely primarily on the tools and machines from Wood-Mizer's Woodworking range, including the four-sided MP260 planer/moulder and the MP160 thicknesser.

Sawmilling Oak with the Wood-Mizer LX50 in the Netherlands

Located in the Dutch village of Lutten, Bob Otten runs his own sawmill business, The Otten Sawmill. There is no finer wood than oak for this craftsman, who is deeply passionate about his work. Oak is perfect for crafting authentic haystacks, rustic barns, traditional roof frames, and other products. Bob Otten oversees the entire process — from felling the trees, sawing, to construction.

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