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Hydraulic Oil

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Part #: P12825

Description Hydraulic Oil

What kind of oil is it?

It’s an all-weather universal hydraulic oil developed for all types of hydraulic systems. It works well both at high and low outside temperatures, tested in Wood-Mizer sawmills in every possible climate condition spanning from hot Africa to ultra-cold Siberia. Used successfully in Wood-Mizer hydraulic bed systems, blade tensioning mechanisms, drive rollers, etc.

Manufactured by Mobil, compliant with all current standards and directives.

Why to use this oil over others?

We recommend this kind of oil because we have tested it in very tough climatic conditions. In comparison to other oil brands it never thickens when the temperature outside suddenly drops (slowing down the work of hydraulics) or gets thin when the temperature rises (causing the oil to spill out through the bushings).

How often should it be changed?

Changing the oil isn’t necessary, as it is continuously filtered during the work. What is required though, is replacing the oil filter and refilling the missing amount of oil.

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